Monday, April 8, 2019

iACT Announcements - Week of 4/8

Upcoming Dates
*April 8 - Board Meeting, Ruth Cherry Presentation, L2L Presentations
*April 9 - STAAR (Writing 4,7; Math 5,8, English I)
*April 10 - STAAR (Reading 5,8)
*April 11 - STAAR (English II)
*April 12 - All make-up testing complete by today
*April 15
*April 16 - Principal Meeting @ CO (9:00)
*April 17 - New Teacher Meeting @ CO (3:45),
*April 18 - DIY PD Day (Make sure you have entered what you are doing on your campus spreadsheet)
*April 19 - Good Friday Holiday!
*April 22 - BAD weather Make-up Holiday
*April 23 - Asst. Principal Meeting @ CO (9:00), Kindergarten Round-up (5:30 - 7:00)

Kurzweil - the new program for Oral Administration (and more!)
The district has purchased a new program to aid students who receive oral administration - Kurzweil. Besides the ability to provide oral admin, it also has many other features within the program.

All RCISD teachers have logins. Choose the “Forgot My Password” option on the website and it will generate an email that will provide your username and allow you to reset your password to one of your choice. The Kurzweil login page is:

We’ve offered 3 trainings for staff, but more will be planned in the future. For information and resources on the program, here’s a link to a Google Drive folder of documents -

National Poetry Month
April is National Poetry Month. Click on this link for some great ideas for celebrating the month and incorporating poetry. -

Tidying Up Your Digital Life
Have you gotten on the “Tidying Up with Marie” bandwagon yet? If not, here’s a clip!

Maybe you’re one who needs their digital life ‘tidied up!” For some great tips on how to clean up and clean out your files and other digital items, see this great blog post from TCEA’s Lori Gracey -