Monday, March 18, 2019

iACT Announcements - Week of 3/18

Upcoming Dates
*March 18th - TELPAS Holistic Ratings Week Begins (CTC, ESL, Teachers, Admins), Teachers complete their “RCISD T-TESS Teacher Professional Goal: Parts 2&3 Reflection”
*March 19th -
*March 20th - New Teacher Meeting @ Central Office (3:45)
*March 21st -
*March 22nd -Deadline for all Holistic Ratings to be completed (CTC, ESL, Teachers, Admins)
*March 25th - EOY Conference begin with teachers
*March 26th - Principal Meeting @ Central Office at (9:00 a.m.), 3rd Quarter Review of CIP
*March 27th - Relay Cohort Meeting @ Central Office (4:00), Superintendent’s Advisory Council (SAC) @ CO (4:00 p.m.)
*March 28th - District TELPAS Validity & Reliability Meeting @ Admin (ESL) 8:30-3:30, Board Meeting with City of Fate @ Fate (6:00)

April 18th DIY Professional Learning Day
Information about the April 18th DIY Professional Learning Day can be found HERE -
For tutorials on how to make your reflection within Bulb, here's a link to Bulb pages with lots of information -

Five Good Places to Find Current Events Stories for Kids
Here are some other good places to find news stories that are written and produced for classroom use -

25 Good G Suite Add-ons & Chrome Extensions
Add-ons provide additional functions in Google Documents, Slides, Sheets, and Forms. You can find each of the following add-ons by opening the “Add-ons” drop-down menu while viewing a Document, Slide, Sheet, or Form. After opening the menu select “get Add-ons” and search for the name of the add-on you wish to use. This is a great resource of 25 good G Suite Add-ons and Chrome Extensions -