Monday, January 7, 2019

iACT Announcements - Week of 1/7

Upcoming Dates
*January 7th - Lesson Fixer Upper and Humanex Survey Results
*January 8th - Campus Workday and Humanex Goal Setting
*January 9th - New Teacher Meeting @ 3:45 at Central Office
*January 10th - 2nd Grade Report Card Meeting @ 3:30 at Central Office
*January 14th - 2nd SLO Check for teachers - see announcement below; IDC Meeting @ 4:00 at Central Office
*January 15th - L2L Meeting @ Central Office
*January 16th - STEM Innovators Coaching Day
*January 17th - Jayne Knighton @ RCMS

MAP Testing
Middle of Year (MOY) window opens on January 9th closes on Jan. 30th. 2nd grade tests should only be set to read to those students that need it. 3rd - 10th should not turn on oral administration unless students receives that accommodation. Please call Kathy Milton with any questions.

It’s time for the January 14th SLO (Student Learning Objective) Progress Check!
Teachers should have already downloaded and filled out the Student Growth Tracker at the
beginning of the year.

Here are the directions (for new staff members not having done this earlier in the year.)
*Documentation will be done on a Google Sheet- Here is the link to the Google form for the
Student Growth Tracker. It will force you to make a copy. The link will be placed in Strive.
See the above directions on where to place the link to your Growth Tracker Document in Strive.
*The dates for each of the progress checks is listed on the form - Nov 12th, January 14th,
and February 18th.
*Remember that the point of the checks is for teachers to adjust instruction for the students who are not growing - not just document where kids are.

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Impact of Reading: Why 30 Minutes?
How many minutes per day should students be reading? What is the relationship between how much students read and their comprehension growth? In this article, you’ll learn the research and impact of reading 30 minutes per day.