Monday, January 21, 2019

iACT Announcements - Week of 1/21

Upcoming Dates

* January 21st - MLK Holiday
* January 22nd - Asst. Principal Meeting at Middle School @ 9:00, Interactive Read Aloud Training (3rd - 5th) with Debbie J @ Central Office, STEM Innovator Coaching Day (MS),
* January 23rd - Jayne Knighton @ Ruth Cherry, Relay Cohort in Dallas, CKH Training, Supt. Advisory Committee @ 4:00 p.m.
* January 24th - Relay Cohort in Dallas, CKH Training, Jayne Knighton @ Herndon, 4th Grade teacher Essay Grading @ 3:30,
* January 25th - Gretchen Bernabei Workshop with NTxASCD @ Central Office,

MAP Testing
Window continues to be open until Jan. 30th. Please let Kathy Milton or Amy Hopkins know if you are experiencing any difficulties with testing. They are working closely with Zach Allen and the Technology Department to troubleshoot issues.

The Importance of Teaching the Behaviors You Want to See
How do you respond when students don't exhibit the behaviors you would like to see? Do you tell students they need to change? Do you lecture them about responsibility or respect? Do you complain to your colleagues about kids these days? Do you punish or reward?
Read this excellent article by David Geurin about what educators can do to better address non-learning behaviors - 

20 Ways to Cut Grading Time in Half
In the following pages you’ll find 20 really smart ideas you can mix and match to cut back on the time you spend grading and get those piles of paper under control! - 

Teaching Digital Citizenship with Storybooks
Teaching digital citizenship in a meaningful way can be daunting. These picture books illustrate important concepts beautifully -