Sunday, January 13, 2019

iACT Announcements - Week of 1/14

Upcoming Dates
* January 14th - 2nd SLO Check for teachers (remember that teachers update the spreadsheet they have in Google Drive - already linked in Eduphoria); IDC Meeting @ 4:00 at Central Office
* January 15th - L2L Meeting @ 4:00 pm at Central Office
* January 16th - STEM Innovators Coaching Day, Relay Cohort @ 4:00 p.m. at Central Office
* January 17th - Jayne Knighton @ RCMS, CTC Make-Up Training (9:00 - 12:00) @ Central Office
* January 21st - MLK Holiday
* January 23rd - Jayne Knighton @ Ruth Cherry, CKH Training, Supt. Advisory Committee @ 4:00 p.m.
* January 24th - CKH Training, Jayne Knighton @ Herndon, 4th Grade teacher Essay Grading @ 3:30
* January 25th - Gretchen Bernabei Workshop with NTxASCD @ Central Office

TexQuest is a statewide digital resources program that provides anytime, anywhere access to high quality, authoritative digital resources to all educators, students, and students' immediate families in Texas K-12 public schools and open enrollment charter schools. Supported, in part, by appropriations from the Texas State Legislature, Texas districts pay a small per student participation fee to gain access to TexQuest resources from the providers.

Some of the resources in TexQuest: encyclopedias, newspaper articles, images, videos, e-books, learning games, test prep…. and SO MUCH MORE!

RCISD TexQuest resources can be accessed through Clever under the "Inquiry and Research" section.

Information/Training on TexQuest
*Introductory Slideshow
*The Username/Password with descriptions of each resource can be found here
*Links to training videos on each resource:

Please see your campus Library Media Specialist for more information and/or training. This is a valuable resource for you and your students!

File:Google Classroom Logo.pngCheck Out These Great Resources
4 Great Social Studies Apps
4 Good Chrome Apps for Science Teachers

New Features Added to Google Classroom
Last week, Google unveiled a couple of new features for Google Classroom!