Monday, December 17, 2018

iACT Announcements - Week of 12/17

Upcoming Dates
* December 21st - Early Release (Elementary/Intermediate @ 12:00, MS/HS @ 1:00 - Merry Christmas!
* January 7th - Lesson Fixer Upper
* January 8th - Campus Workday
* January 9th - New Teacher Meeting @ 3:45 at Central Office
* January 10th - 2nd Grade Report Card Meeting @ 3:30 at Central Office

Article on Strategies for Slow-Working Students

Jennifer Gonzales, author of Cult of Pedagogy Blog reposted this great article about strategies to use for slow-working students. Check out some great strategies she discusses that work with all students!

5 Ways to Display YouTube in Class Without “Related” Content
This article highlights five tools that you can use to display YouTube videos without showing the related video suggestions and comments -

What is Formative Data?
Feedback is essential to a student’s learning story. That same feedback helps students set goals and determine what they have learned or not learned yet. How are students getting meaningful feedback in class and from their assessment evidence? -