Sunday, November 4, 2018

iACT Announcements - Week of 11/5

Upcoming Dates:
* November 5th - Literacy Coaching @ Davis (Jarzombek). STEM Innovators Coaching Day (HS), E2L Meeting @ 4:00 @ CO with Sean Walker
* November 6th - Literacy Coaching @ Fort (Jarzombek). STEM Innovators Coaching Day (MS),
* November 8th - Literacy Coaching @ MMV (Knighton)
* November 12th - SLO Check #1 for Teachers, Literacy Coaching @ Scott (Jarzombek), IDC Meeting @ CO (4:00 p.m.)
* November 13th - Literacy Coaching @ Vernon (Jarzombek), Literacy Coaching @ MS (Jayne Knighton), , 2nd Grade Report Card Meeting @ CO (3:30)
* November 14th - Bilingual Coaching @ Davis (Ahmed), STEMFormation Training @ CO (STEAM Cohort Group)

Presenter Badges
On your Badging poster, you might have noticed the circles for presenters at the bottom of the poster! (see illustration below) We certainly want to honor those of you who are taking the time to share best practices, resources, and strategies that help all of us to grow. You can earn prizes for filling up those circles and it is really easy to do!!!!!

You can earn presenter badges for presenting on a WOW Wednesday, a Lunch and Learn, a faculty meeting, or Lesson Fixer-Upper, etc! The easiest way to earn one of those badges is to plan and present at a faculty meeting or PLC meeting! All you have to do is let your principal or iACT coach know what your plans are and they will help you submit your sign-in sheet to Amber Medlin (iACT’s fabulous Admin Assistant). Amber will get your session entered in Eduphoria so that you receive credit for the PD.

One of the goals of teacher led PD is to continue to ensure equity for our students. The more that teachers share best practices and resources, the more likely it is for ALL children to learn. Feel free to let other campuses know if you offering a session or keep it small by inviting only your PLC. ANYTHING that helps you ensure students are learning and you share with your colleagues can count for PD! Please see Glenda, Dana, Kristen, and Valerie and your principals for ideas!

Edgenuity MyPath
Many MS and HS staff members have received training on Edgenuity MyPath. MyPath is a supplemental program for grades 7-12, designed to meet students where they are in reading and math, and give them the specific instruction and practice they need to catch up and keep up. Here are a few resources to guide you as you use this with your students.
* Slides -
* Parent Information for At-Home Use:
* Edgenuity Reports and Data -

Education Galaxy - translate to Spanish
Did you know students have the option to receive some of the Education Galaxy instruction in Spanish? To change the language preference for students, see these instructions -

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