Sunday, October 28, 2018

iACT Announcements - Week of 10/29

Upcoming Dates:
* October 29th - Bright Bytes Survey open through the end of the week! District Improvement Council Meeting @ CO (4:15 p.m.)
* October 30th - Literacy Coaching @ Davis (Knighton)
* October 31st - Superintendent’s Advisory Council @ 4:00 @ CO
* November 1st - Bilingual Meeting @ 8:30, Literacy Coaching @ Fort (Knighton)
* November 2nd - Bilingual Coaching @ Vernon (Emelia Ahmed)
* November 5th - Literacy Coaching @ Davis (Jarzombek). STEM Innovators Coaching Day (HS), E2L Meeting @ 4:00 @ CO with Sean Walker
* November 6th - Literacy Coaching @ Fort (Jarzombek). STEM Innovators Coaching Day (MS)

SLO - Student Learning Objectives
* Teachers should be ready to fill out the Student Growth Tracker. Here are the directions for what teacher need to do!* Documentation will be done on a Google Sheet- Here is the link to the Google form for the Student Growth Tracker. It will force you to make a copy. The link will be placed in Strive. See the above directions on where to place the link to your Growth Tracker Document in Strive.
* The dates for each of the progress checks is listed on the form - Nov 12th, January 14th, and February 18th.
* Remember that the point of the checks is for teachers to adjust instruction for the students who are not growing - not just document where kids are.

Bulb - Learn At Your Own Pace!
bulb is the digital portfolio for education where students, educators and professionals curate, share and showcase. We’re seeing lot of staff and students jumping on board! If you’d love to learn more so you can implement it with your students, why not work AT YOUR OWN PACE with these online courses? Bulb 101 contains 9 lessons; Bulb 201 has 6 lessons.

Photo/Clipart Sites to Share with Your Students:
It’s always hard to find good photo and clipart sites that are appropriate to use in the classroom, free of copyright restrictions. Here are a few to try out and share with your students.
**Note the graphic and suggested ages for each site.
Pixabay  -

Photos for Class