Sunday, October 14, 2018

iACT Announcements - Week of 10/15

Upcoming Dates:
* October 15th - PD Day Plans
* October 16th - Parent Conference Day
* October 17th - Writing Coaching at Ruth Cherry (Knighton)
* October 18th - Writing Coaching at Herndon (Knighton)
* October 22 - ELAR Cohort Meeting Day 2 (K-2), Bilingual Coaching @ Davis (Emelia Ahmed)

NEW Science TEKS in Eduphoria
Below are a few updates to Eduphoria and the new Science TEKS.
* Aware - Per communication from Eduphoria - A script ran which removed old science TEKS and added new streamlined science for all courses.
What this means:
* A user building a new test in Aware will only see the streamlined standards as options for items or for * searching the item bank.
* A test previously aligned to old SEs will still be aligned to those SEs.

* Forethought - Old TEKS for K-8 and Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Integrated Physics and Chemistry were removed and 2017 streamlined TEKS were added.

Tech Tip of the Week:
Four Google Slides Tips For Amazing Presentations - The four important tips below will enable you to tap into the potential of Google Slides while also allowing you to create engaging presentations that will amaze your audience. -

CK-12 Online Resources
If you teacher Middle School or High School, you will want to take a look at the resources that CK-12 has to offer. At this link, you can look at Flex Books that can help your students to fill gaps in their knowledge and skills. These books, once downloaded, allow students to access the content, adaptive activities, and simulations even when they are offline. This FREE resource offers lots for students and teachers!