Monday, October 1, 2018

iACT Announcements - Week of 10/1

Trainings this Week:
WOW Wednesday - 3:45 @ Admin
* Guided Reading Encore (K-6)
* Parent Conference (any interested)  

Education Galaxy
We had a great training last week at Central Office. Below are lots of additional resources
for Education Galaxy.
* Best Practices-
* Alien Card Set -
* Getting Started -
* Education Galaxy Liftoff -
* Alien Arena -
* Mini Lessons -

BrainPOP 101
Learn how to use BrainPOP with your students in this introductory course for teachers.
You’ll get to know BrainPOP by trying movies, assessments and creative tools
for yourself-

Have you considered how you will assess student learning on their digital portfolios in Bulb? Here is a rubric created by Joan Vandevelde, but don’t use it exactly as written! Instead, use it as a way to get the conversation rolling about what aspects of a digital portfolio are important for your specific group of students. ANOTHER BULB TRAINING WILL BE SCHEDULED SOON!