Sunday, August 26, 2018

iACT Announcements - Week of 8/27

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Eduphoria - Update Profile
As the new school year begins it is important for staff to update profile information in Eduphoria to make sure grades, subjects, and profile data is accurate for the new school year. Your profile must be updated for you to be able to sign documents electronically in Eduphoria. (Write down your security question answer (case sensitive). You will need it when signing your evaluation.
*See this page on the iACT blog for instructions and a video:

If you got an email about payment due for Bulb, disregard. It was an email 
glitch from the company.

Online Student/Staff Programs
Most programs are up and fully operational (Bulb, textbooks, Discovery Education, etc.)If you have login or other issues with digital resources, call or email Amy Hopkins in the curriculum office -

RCISD uses the web application Clever as a way to assist staff and students with easily logging in to many district online programs. No more remembering websites and hard-to-remember passwords!
Go to Sign in with either your Google credentials or Active Directory credentials (what you use to log into your computer.)

After accessing the website, click on the icon of the needed application and:
1. You will either be routed to the website and be immediately logged in -- referred to as Single Sign On (SSO) OR
2. For applications that don't allow Single Sign On (SSO), the icon will take the user to the website and will allow you to manually sign on from there. Login with your Active Directory log-on (the same credentials you use for your classroom computer.)

See the iACT blog here for a list of programs and how to access -